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Do Better.

Jan 19, 2018

Scott James is a veteran journalist known for his columns about San Francisco published in The New York Times. In the world of fiction, he’s the author of the bestselling novels The Sower and SoMa. Scott is an alumnus of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, he has three Emmy Awards for his work in television news. He lives in San Francisco.

We talk about about the news media, their responsibilities to the public and how much they should be swayed by public opinion, how the truth and facts aren't always popular and how customized news feeds of Twitter and Facebook don't serve the public's interest. We talk about news and culture bubbles. The rise of Trump and the failure of the media and the public to be truly informed. We talk about the fractured nature of ideologies, and how all ideologies have many cult-like things in common including, distrust of things that conflict with their thinking, how they exist in echo chambers and cannot abide any good qualities in their sworn enemy.

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